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CHIRON Healing Workshop 23 Sept 2017 - Music »Armita Nikdin

LILITH Wonder Women Workshop Kärnten/Austria - May 2019

LILITH Wonder Women Workshop 28/29 Sept 2018 in Berlin, Germany

LILITH Wonder Women Workshop 21/22 April 2018 in Basle, Switzerland




Dates Full Moon Meditation 

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How it began:

I have been running a monthly meditation on the Full Moon at the Seeschau in  Erlenbach/Zurich since 1 April 1999 . I had loved the Full Moon meditations my teacher, the grande dame Louise Huber, ran each month ever since I began studying astrology. Towards the end of my studies Louise asked me whether I wanted to succeed her. She had offered regular Full Moon meditations for roughly 50 years and wanted to pass on this service work. I was delighted but also frightened. How could it be that an authority like Louise Huber asked me of all people? 

After a short discussion with my then husband, we agreed that I would run the Full Moon meditations at home, in a small room. Once per month Felix emptied his massage room and on 1 April 1999 I began with a small group of eight. Sometimes there were only two people. 

When Regula Curti had completed the Seeschau in 2000 and brought it to life, she approached me, "Silke, you and your meditations really belong with the Seeschau." I thought, wow, another grande dame has approached me. So I moved the meditations to the Seeschau and was involved with the new "house of singing emptiness" from the very beginning. The moment Regula presented me with the keys to the Seeschau was a milestone of love. She said to me, radiant with joy, "The Seeschau is now your house as well.“

However, I did not only want to meditate and so I started each evening with a short talk about the current quality of time. Among the guests was Ursula Bischoff who asked,"Silke, can you write this down for us?“ And so, these talks gave rise first to the monthly newsletter Sternen-News in 2002 and then to my first book The Kiss Is Gone, But Love Remains in 2011. Since April 2016 some of these talks about the Full Moon have been available on YouTube, and from 2018 they will be availabe in the Community (German only).






Wisdom trainings are not only about a transfer of knowledge. Above all they are a path to the development of higher consciousness, greater self-awareness, and to support of your spiritual development - beyond all form and beyond all limitation. We discuss, meditate, inspire, contemplate, learn, marvel, feel, dance, laugh, and keep going beyond our mind, to that quiet place within that we call "home". If you desire to communicate with the true, good, and beautiful within you and to live your life as a manifestation of the divine, this is the right place for you. 

The trainings are held in German only.




Celebrations are an important and particularly beautiful part of being human. They have been a part of my life since birth. This is why I gladly extend an invitation to celebrate the solstices each year. On the Winter Solstice we celebrate the darkest and calmest moment of the year and the return of the light. On the Summer Solstice we celebrate with a summer party after the Full Moon Meditation, a very casual and informal affair. Everybody brings a little delicacy for the buffet, Lake Zurich entices us to swim, and we often linger in the garden of the Seeschau until it is late at night. Bliss!

Summer Solstice 2017: Celebration

Winter Solstice 2015: Light